Consumer beware: Glass patio tables have been known to explode

Summer is just around the corner in South Carolina and the rest of the United States, which means that patio season is officially upon us. Many people enjoy getting together with family and friends for meals on patios and decks; however, some are saying that their cook-outs were destroyed because of exploding patio tables.

One woman said she planned on entertaining frequently on her patio, so she and her husband purchased a nice patio table and chairs — or so they thought. The couple bought a large patio table with a thick glass table top thinking that it would be sturdy while still looking good.

Unfortunately, the woman said that the glass table “exploded” out of the blue one day and sent shards of glass flying in all directions.

“It was almost like a big metal door falling over and clanging just a bunch of stuff breaking,” the woman said. She also said that her first instinct after the incident was to be angry because her children had been home and could have been injured.

While this seems like an odd or freak accident, there have been many reports around the country of glass patio tables exploding for no apparent reason. An Internet search reveals that there has even been security footage taken that captures the phenomenon.

But that still doesn’t answer why the glass patio tables are exploding. For that, we have to turn to experts in glass manufacturing. According to one, glass patio tables are made with tempered glass, which can blow up without warning — though it is rare.

For safety reasons, the glass expert said the tempered glass is made to shatter into tiny pieces, often continuing to pop and crackle for minutes after the initial break. The theory is that glass will be less likely to injure someone if it is broken up into tiny pieces.

While this is probably true, there is no doubt that any type of exploding glass can pose a safety threat. If someone is injured by an exploding glass patio table — or most any other product, for that matter — the manufacturer can expect to face civil¬†product liability¬†claims and to hear from a baton rogue personal injury attorney.




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